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Salvatore Spanu, born in Villanova–Monteleone (SS) on September 4, 1954, lived in his hometown until he turned 8,when he moved to Arborea with his family in 1961. His father Francesco Spanu, man of good principles, was a shepherd. His mother Maria Giuseppa Piras, woman of boundless faith, was devoted to her family and her nine children. Salvatore spent his childhood devoting all his time to the running of the family farm until 1974 when, aged 24, he decides to take a turn in his life, joining up the police forces. After about one year since the beginning of this new work experience, Tore is forced to stop and quit due to serious health problems that confined him to a bed in a hospital in Rome for 8 long months. During this time he got to know many people and roommates, among whom was a fun and kind-hearted man – Sig. Michele- who soon enlightened Tore Spanu about a new world, the Art world. One day Sig. Michele showed him two pictures which portrayed him while he was painting, and that made something click in Tore’s mind: the sudden urge to enter the art world. Discharged from hospital, Tore, armed with palette, brushes, and paint undertook his first painting, probably unaware of the fact that that would have been the first of a long series of works which would have led him around the World. In 1976 he had the chance to meet the famous painter fellow countryman Ezildo Sitzia, with whom he deepened a great friendship. This allowed him to attend his studio and to give shape to his artistic training, giving him, moreover, space and freedom to find his own way of expression, to develop his own style and techniques and to achieve the models he felt more comfortable with. That made him grow and reach the peculiar personality of a self-thaught artist. Spanu kept on painting at a constant pace until a crucial moment of his life which is 1979, when he first faced the audience on his first personal exhibition in Oristano, a small town in the centre of Sardinia west coast. Since then it was a sequence of exhibitions, both personal and collective, that made it possible for him to widen his pictorial experience and cultivate new people with whom he would nurture a deep friendships in the artistic field. That with the reknown Umbrian painter Ernando Venanzi traces an important node in Tore Spanu’s life, as their friendship still resists. It’s in 1980 he decides to undertake a new adventure, influenced by different artistic ideologies: clay. He discovered that by modeling a shapeless dough he could give life to clay, and shape the soul of a character as if they sprang out of nowhere within his hands, giving him all the feels he never had from painting or other forms of art yet. In his sculptures there’s a clear prevalence of human figures, sometimes represented in their essential being, other as a mere autonomous shape, where solely the sculptural act prevails. Physics is meant in these dramatic, religious and symbolic bodies, all immersed into such a strictly personal story and perception which are the result of ancient feels, remote narratives and echoing stories of shared civilizations.

In 1993, after nearly 2o years spent in the police force, most of which lived in deep dissatisfaction, he was sent on leave.

This is a new starting point for the artist.

Over time his contribution to personal and collective exhibitions grew significantly, in Italy and abroad, reaching the peak in occasion of his first intercontinental personal in Miami in 1994, then in Prague in 1997, Cannes in 1998, Pricipality of Monaco in 1999, and Antigua in 2002. Along with the expositions arrive the first signs of recognition, that, although very rewarding, cannot bridge the gap of big dissatisfaction Tore Spanu perceives towards his own work, being his own harshest judge.

In 2008 he meets the famous architect Paolo Resmini which, impressed by his painting skills, entrusts him to the decoration of the papal podium in Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City.

Tore Spanu is currently working as a decorator, painter and sculptor by important buildings, houses and mansions, and touring the world. Most of his works can be found in luxury homes and famous public buildings.

To search for new expressive techniques is what fascinates him the most, especially now that the artist devotes his entire self to art, which is for him a constant source of satisfaction and a reason to live.

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